Speculating about second half of life? A prediction based on Navamsha (D9)

Good afternoon everybody!

I am a little gloomy today as I keep having dreams about people which I used to cherish a lot and on the same time I go through the analysis of my life. I go through this quite often as I am getting older, perhaps I am starting to feel time passing through my fingers as my children become more independent. No matter what reason … a thought passed through my mind while sorting out my clothes recently “I used to be so colorful before I married these freaking Capricorns“. And yeah… both of my husbands are born in December and both of them put me in a state of despair and lack of excitement in life. But this post is not about them.. so let’s cut to the real topic – speculating out 2nd half of life using D9 for prediction.

Instead of taking house by house I will be analysing what matters to me the most, else I will get pretty much lost in my thougths. You saw those two at least a hundred times by now 😅 My Lagna chart and Navamsha. So lets start!

Appearance & personality

Most of my youth I spend transforming, going through ups and downs and my life reminded of a drama show. I was pretty much losing and gaining weight , changing appearance. As per the Navamsha if I look at it as a Lagna chart I will be quite anemic in my 2nd half of life. The ascendant lord is together with Mercury in the sign of Scorpio ruled by Mars. Mars signifies the physical. And as Mars is in 10th house of Navamsha with Ketu I believe I will be very active as Ketu is the headless demon and will copy Mars. It is connected with my natal 6th house which signifies health so I believe that my health condition will force me into losing weight. The reason behind it is because the Sun meaning the focus of my mind as its in Cancer in Navamsha is on health related issues. In the natal chart Cancer is in the 12th house and 12th house is about losses. So thats how I think I may start thinking about weight loss or maybe my health will get worse. But lets go back to the Navamsha lagna lord.

Venus in sign of Scorpio will make me very magnetic in a sexual sense. I suppose like in the case of wine, that it tastes better with time 😅. Mercury will make me jovial. And as I met a lot of harsh and conservative people in my youth, I believe I will meet a lot of deep and attractive individuals, especially men as Venus and Mercury in 7th house are the people that I meet. Many of them will be human as my 4th house in lagna chart is in Scorpio sign but may be kind of secretive or have deep wounds and traumas.

I may have a more visible gap between my front teeth and short curly hair.

Resources & career

Scorpio rules 8th house in the astrological belt counting from Aries sign and 8th house is the house of research. Its a technical sign. Venus is about beauty or better said aesthetics, while mercury is the communication. 7th house of navamsha is connected to 10th house of navamsha due to the Mars. I believe I did not choose to study media technology for nothing. As Aquarious is the sign of new age and networking , internet … I do believe that my profession will have to do with technology or at least sustainability with the use of innovations. Then as 10th lord is connected to 9th house I will need to obtain a higher degree of education. In conclusion, I do believe that I will earn either through creative online services as online shop or through teaching on the subject of media and technology, graphical design or communication. Ketu stands for languages too as in programming. Nevertheless, my career will not start until the age of 33. Around the age of 36, I will experience a significant betterment as I will be mature, just like my Saturn. Navamshas 2nd house is in Gemini sign which means that I could actually do some multitasking in the career areas. In my lagna Gemini sign is in 11th house and the Scorpio is in the 4th house which I believe is another indicator of earnings through teaching as 4th house stands for the pedagogics as its originally ruled by the Moon.

Another thoughts I am getting is a creative kind of business like selling candles as there is quite a lot of fiery and dry energy around the profession houses.

Romance and self expression

When it comes to romance and self expression I believe that my DNA cannot be fixed. Both my parents indulged in flings and no matter if I want or not I will attract people without wanting to. If I go that way I should not count for more than short term relationships as God has decided that I wll marry only 3 times in this life at max. So yes, I may actually end up marrying again at the age of 32 would be the timing of me meeting the 3rd and last husband.

I will be more creative the older I get as my Sun will not be as blocked as it was when I was a child. As you can see Saturn in navamsha aspects Sun and the Cancer sign which the Sun is positioned in is connected to 5th house. I will do a lot of writing and a lot of detail oriented work. I will be creative but it will be more expressed as critical design. Same with writing. If I will write something it will not be bubbly and dreamy. It will be based on real stuff. I will be more cautious in the way I express myself, I believe I can blame my past experiences for that.

Thats pretty much for now 🤔.

Thank you 🙏

Job fever 🔥

Have you just graduated or maybe you gained a new skill? I can feel you, no matter which of …or maybe other categories you divide yourself in. New CV, another 100 new cover letters and you wonder how long it will take before you meet your aima career of your dreams. You spend hours , days or months trying to figure out why you still did not get a bait. The answer is easy. There are more than one reasons behind this. Let me explain.

Everybody in this world have inherited some kind of skills or charisma. Our first steps in the professional world are very essential for the career of our dreams but sometimes we choose wrong, we make decisions which lead us nowhere or where we end up feeling that something is missing or something is too much. It was so for me. I was very scared around the age of 15 to choose for myself because what my mother wanted for me was proritized. But once I turned 18, I experienced a drastic change of perspective. I wanted to understand myself, define my dreams, thoughts and feelings. I can tell you from my perspective finding a place for yourself in this world is not like putting some butter on the bread. I am about to be 29 years this year and I have completed my bachelors degree in tourism studies but I still can feel a little lost just like 10 years ago. I applied probably to over 200 job positions in my life. I researched about the company and its values to fit the criterias, I used the terms which I thought would be used between people in the specific profession. I tried to emphasize my skills and knowledge and you know what ? I have only reached more or less to 10% of the employeers. In most cases, I did not get past the interview. So what did I do wrong ?

Be precise

When you apply for a job be precise, be an empath that can put him/herself into the employeers shoes. No one in business world has time to read 1-2 pages letters and repetitions of your CV. Leave this kinds of explanations for the time of your job interview. Read the advertisement a few times, try to mark the skills or personal qualities that the job requires and try to match it with your earlier experience. It does not need to be an experience from the same type of job. Some jobs require similiar skills or knowledge and sometimes you end up with situations in your personal life which make you gain the skills or knowledge. I have recenlty experienced a shift where I did not write much but still were found interesting enough to be invited to the interview. Try to not use “I” too much as it does not look good. Use a dictionary or look up some synonyms for the word you want to use.

Update your CV

Don’t forget to update your CV with the newest experiences at the top. If you have more than 3 pages of experiences try to pick a few that could reflect the qualities the employer is after or where you think you had gained these experiences. If you have driving license or some computer skills or maybe you won awards at school, name it. Curriculum Vitae stands for Life’s journey, express it.

Apply long before deadline

Do not apply at the last day. In most cases the employeer have already met a few candidates as time equals money and made them his/her favourites. The sooner you apply, the better. Don’t forget to have your references ready, even if no one asks for them.

Do not apply, if you are not interested

An employeer can feel very easily if you are for it or not. Body language and even the sound of your voice says everything about your attitude. My recommendation is to apply jobs where you can make difference, not necessarily something you would like to do as a hobby but something you would be passionate about or at least were willing to learn about more as time passes by. Don’t forget to think about your needs. The more you consider your circumstances, strengths and weaknesses the more likely you will find your match.

I hope this few tip will help you find your place of work.

Thank you & see you soon with a new post !

Adventurous weekend in between responsibilities

Hello my dear readers !

Today I am all between tense to excited because I am so close to do my attempt no. 2 at media technology. Tommorow night is the deadline and I still did not do the analysis nor the conclusion or even wrote down the website evaluation but well the night is still young 😅 . Let’s cut to the chase… I devoted the weekend to my children, my beautiful and sometimes naughty gems. Last week, I have promised them to take them to the playground in Handen as they were really eager to explore new places but it was dark so I picked them up early this friday to fulfill the promise as I know how promises are important for trust between the child and parent.

They had super fun and I have promised them to take them to more places once my finances are stable. I will never be a man but I will do my best being a good mom.

Today my plan was to just study after making breakfast for the boys but instead I’ve decided to take out the alphabet memory since Aaron is letter inclined these days. Austin joined the game and in the beginning it was tough since the kids wouldn’t follow the rules of the game and even change the cards place. We probably played for around 1 hour and then repeated the words

We ended the day with letters as well, with the difference that those letters ended in our bellies 😅…

Ah… and even I got inspired and a little romantic in the process and my husband earned himself a romantic gesture from my side 🥰.

But well… time to work on thesis again 🤪… Hold thumbs for me… Media technology is a hard cookie.

Thank you for reading & wishing you a pleasant weekend !