General information

Ashwini nakshatra is positioned from 0 degrees to 13.20 degrees in Aries sign. Ketu rules over Ashwini nakshatra. The symbol of this nakshatra is a horse head and its not without a reason. If you have any planet in Ashwini nakshatra just like in case of horses you can be wild, driven, hard working, ambitious. You probably will be fond of speed and individuality. Since Ashwini is in Aries your forehead could be wider than the cheekbones. As a person you will be good natured but may have many insecurities and thus a big need to fulfill your sense of entitlement. You are very prideful as well, thus you rather do things on your own than ask for help.You do not take criticism very well.


The Aries energy makes you very independent, thus you would prefer to have your own business rather than work under somebody. Usually after the age of 30 you may get business opportunities or advancement at work. You will have talent for creative work. You may get employed in fields such as music industry, litterature, marketing. See the position of Ketu and Mars in your horoscope for more details.


As Ketu rules the nakhatra and Ashwini is in Aries ruled by Mars, the native can experience headaches and inosmnia. In case of women, menstrual issues would be there. Physically though both males and females will be quite fit.


Pada 1 : May have the face of a goat, small eyes and nose. They can easily end up being lost in their ego as they try to dominate.

Pada 2 : Resourceful and driven. Artistic qualities. Likes fine things in life. Practical.

Pada 3 : Good decision making skills and resourceful. Scientifically inclined.

Pada 4 : This pada is health focused. They have the drive and intelligence to become doctors or philantropist.

What’s up? Just figuring myself out.

Good Sunday evening to you all!

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything. To be honest my life has been quite monotonous, not counting the incident last week where I felt like all hope is lost. In the month of October I’ve been working on a project about hospitality management and I’ve been actually quite tired in my brain. Again being the only person to understand whats going on and whats expected from me…and three other people that did not have it figured out. Actually one of them I do consider being a “smart ass”. You know that type of a person that will suck up to the teachers but never actually do any work. But on the other hand, I do feel blessed. I actually managed to get a C in the previous course. And I hope I will not get all too much trouble from the “smart ass”. He actually consider himself worthy of getting the same reward for the project as me and the girls in the group although he wasted time on talking, instead of being helpful in the research… Oh.. I almost forgot. He did contribute with answer alternatives for one of the questions in the survey we had performed 😅… I really do hope nothing complicated will come out of this as it was a group decision to talk to our teacher about this. But the man was so stubborn and arrogant. So well…you never know with men…

What else ?

Hmm… I’ve been working on the new media technology thesis. I’ve decided to dedicate a sentence of acknowledgement to my mother. I don’t feel like repeating the cycle of toxic connections so that’s all I can give her for her birthday. I have figured out that I’ve been surrounded by narcissists, my whole life. And she is the most scariest of them all. But don’t worry.

Me staying low-profile is going to end soon. I did not get the job I wanted but at least I will earn enough for rent next month. I’m going to work at Stockholms mässan in Älvsjö for about a week and then let’s see. Maybe they will like me and I will get more work. If not, I will try getting something at a hotel or tourist agency. But I’ve decided to work with something that will allow me gain experience in the field of tourism.

As you see I look pretty even when I feel bored and exhausted by reading and repeating myself. I do believe that after this exhausting time is past I will be much more stronger and wiser. Nevertheless, it takes a lot of time to get anywhere. Maybe that’s why the feeling of monotony. I wish I could sleep instead of going to school tommorow. Unfortunately, its a seminar. I’ve gotten myself in big trouble because of the new course. There are at least 5 seminars and every time I have to read something or prepare for exercises. Media, Culture and Society is not easy but on the other hand I feel like its a gift in disguise from God and the course will actually help me to write my media technology thesis the right way. But well…maybe its me just overthinking again…

I will see you in a couple of days and this time I promise to upload the nakshatra series.

See you until then !

Strategy to decrease population?

Hello my dear followers & readers!

It has been some tough time. The only thing that makes me happy is that I am actually getting closer to 2023, where many challenges will have its end. But well… until that time I still need to climb this mountain that has been created especially for me. Like for example last week I got to know that the healthcare has turned me into a villain that does not care about my child’s health because I pushed forward the visit a few times due to various circumstances. It lead me to meet the social workers. Not super fun can I say. I thought that it would be more serious but I guess making people into clones of each other is a serious topic to them. What do I mean with that? Well… being slim is considered being normal. But trust me, once my kids turns too slim they will accuse me of starvation, just like right now they accuse me of putting my child in danger because he is a chubby little boy with a bright smile. I guess chubby people should be crying and feeling like black sheep for this psychos to feel satisfied.

What makes me most furious about this is that they actually tried to awaken feelings of guilt in me by saying that my child will be victim of mobbing. Why do I need to be held responsible for someone else not knowing what is right and what is wrong? Its a parents duty to teach their kids to respect other people. Why do I need to pressure my own child to change and make him feel like he is the problem because someone lacks empathy and does not know any etiquette?

It feels like all this regulations and obligations is a plan to make people to decline wanting to have kids…

The most absurd thing is not done yet. Tomorrow, I will meet the person behind this situation and I will not be as nice as before. Until then you need to anticipate my next post… but it will not take long…

See ya !