Body parts and colors in astrology: Houses, zodiac signs, planets

Good morning my dear people!

As I promised in one of my previous posts, let us discuss the houses, zodiac signs and planets significance. To know all these may be important not only when you want to predict someone’s appearance but even when wanting to know about one’s health condition.

Houses + zodiac signs = body parts

If you had ever read horoscope in magazines or even online you probably have noticed that it starts with Aries as first zodiac sign and Pisces as the last one. The rule is same when it comes to houses in astrology even if you have a different zodiac sign at the cusp of your ascendant, meaning if you for example have Taurus rising in the 1st house it will still represent the head and overall appearance of a person, only the expression will be based on the Venus energy which rules Taurus and Libra zodiac sign. Next the position of Venus would tell us more about your apperance or which changes your body would go through.

As you can see, this is a list of some of the body parts. The list does not take up all the area of the topic, but at least you would have a clue about the division of the body parts in accordance to the houses, zodiac signs and planets. Let’s say you have Sagittarius in the 5th house and the lord of 5th house Jupiter is in 3rd house in Libra. We would first look at the house significance, then zodiac sign and the lord of the house. So more specifically it would mean that this individual would share love for travel and learning as Leo energy is still in the 5th house. When it comes to the appearance as Jupiter is in Libra and Sagittarius rules the body parts thighs and legs, the native could have bigger thighs than average but still somehow balanced compared to others. The native could have a graceful pair of legs in other words. As Libra is about trying to maintaine balance, the legs and thighs would get affected by weight gain. It does not mean that the native will be obese but sometimes we can see for example women from South America or Africa having bigger thighs and slim waist, thats due to the reason the weight is sitting in those body parts more than the others.

Planets and color effect on them

In Vedic astrology we often hear about getting remedies to weaken of strengthen a planet. Having the knowledge about colors and its relation to the planets can be quite helpful. For example if you have green, yellow or reddish colors or any clutter in the west side of your home, your Saturn may give you negative results in the areas it rules in your horoscope. I for example get extremely frustrated nowadays because there is a lot of disturbing objects (toys) around my home. It affects my studying ability because I cannot focus. Once I clean the mess that’s been disturbing me, that’s when my brain is ready to memorize things and I can start hearing my own thoughts.

But it’s not only about avoiding certain colors or objects. It’s about knowing what is beneficial for our luck. It can get quite challenging when there are more members in the family annd each has different aspects in their horoscopes. The best way to handle it is by choosing the right colors for your shoes, belts and clothes. This way the focus will stay on you. For that you will need to know about your ascedant lord placement, nakshatra and its lord and the moon nakshatra as well. Like for example some people get lucky by wearing white hat or they get more work opportunities when wearing a green belt around their waist. That’s why for a good remedy, you have to find the right solution based on your own horoscope.

Hope you enjoyed reading todays post and I will update you more the next time!

See ya! Happy summer!

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