What does it mean to live 2022 to the fullest ?

Good morning to some of you & good afternoon to some of you !

Despite a bad weather prognosis for today, the sun is shining very brightly. Two weeks ago, I made a promise to myself : ” I will end 2022 without any regrets as if it was my last year on earth“. And as always creativity is what brings joy to me the most. I feel like I’ve always underestimated my skills for a long time. And so I think I need to put an end on it now, thus this 2nd half of 2022 will be spent on writing poems, novels, manuscripts and designing. I am going to take part in certain contests related to these. One is a longer novel on the theme ” Creating the future” and the second one is a short novel on the theme of “Choice“. I love writing short because I feel the story is more magical. When text gets longer I feel like I need to fill up with something that is not necessary. Both need to be written in Swedish so its gonna take a while because I do some grammatical mistakes at times.

I really crave for having a sewing machine too 🤤. Now that I have kids, sewing costumes for them would be a great experience and so much fun. I will probably upload some more content on mine and Ahads youtube channel : Ahad & Agni : Life with a foreigner . And I will work my ass off because I want to end this year as a winner.

If there is something you are good at or maybe you just always wanted to try out because it seemed fun, I think that as long as it does not endanger your health or life you should go for it !

Thank you for reading & until later ! ❤️

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