Using yeast in pancakes

Hello ! Today is 7th of December 2021. Today is my 1st marriage anniversary, my grandmas funeral and the day that changes my academical life. I’ve been doing my German homework this morning and guess what 😋… I’ve learned that German people are crazy about donuts 🍩 but they call it in some regions as “ Berliner” or “Krapfen” and even “ Pfannkuchen”.

So I’ve thought why not add some yeast into the pancake dough. And so I did. And it was so “ yummy yummy in the tummy” ! You can add different toppings, fillings or just have some sugar on top.

I choose though to have some chocolate sprinkles and caramel sauce and some jam on the side.

I received so much hate from dumb, stubborn and ignorant people in the last week, I needed this sweet treat. Now I can finally breath. This morning I’ve received the best news ever. Thesis completing my Bachelors in Tourism sciences got accepted by the examinating teacher. With that said although life is heavy like digesting this pancake 😅 .I will keep working hard and evolving.

I hope to share with you an awesome receipe for sallad next, so stay tunned until then. See you!

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