Being a protector

Being a protector isn’t easy. Sometimes some situations can show that the people we try to protect are not worth it. Some other times protecting people means that we are ready to sacrifice our lifes for them. It takes so much courage to protect someone selflessly.

I know many people won’t see me like that. After all I’ve always been the shy and introverted girl but I’ve actually a thing for justice since young. For example there was a boy named Sebastian in my class that used to get bullied for wearing glasses. I remember standing up for him once. It ended up with the bullies teasing me that we are ” a couple in love”. But to be honest at that time I did not mind. He was a nice boy. I used to come often and play at his place together with my younger brother and some other classmates. It was so much fun πŸ˜‹. But back to the subject πŸ˜….

I used to be protective of my brother too. I actually saved him the view of our mother cheating on our dad. Then in school there was a bully that had an issue with my brothers nose. I told him off before I went to tell on him to teacher. To me that kind of behaviour was not acceptable. I started feeling upset over all these childish actions. It wasn’t just right.

But I guess my courage increased when I started going against violence. My grandad (R.I.P) was nuts when he was drunk. He actually had thrown a coca cola bottle on my head because I stood close to my mom which was him aim. From that time I haven’t heard about him abusing his power.

After I got married and my ex started doing weird things I became even stronger. I was so tired of running away and crying. Not only did I protect our homes peace with words but if he started showing off his power I showed him I’m not a weakling either πŸ’ͺ.

I am aware it sounds quite like me showing off how great I am πŸ˜…. That actually is not the purpose of today’s post. What I want to tell you is that no matter how big or small, everyone can be a protector. Everything you need is a heart on the right spot.

Whatever it is your family, your friends, city or country, believe me you have more strength within you than you ever thought that there could be. Sometimes a quick brain is a better weapon than any gun.

Thank you for today !

See ya tommorow with a new post πŸ˜‰βœŒ

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